Watch an RC pilot lose $35,000


In an incredibly dull segment of the country, there is a field with enough shirtless, sunburnt men to make a Florida Jimmy Buffet concert jealous. What are all of these people gathered together for? A tiny airshow? That's a little strange, but O.K., doesn't seem like there's a lot going on in the sleepy corner of the world.

Good thing there's a man with $35,000 to waste, and he's about to set it all on fire.


If someone had put that on the flyer for world's smallest airshow, the turnout would have been a bit better.

The RC jet was a 1:3 scale model of an actual airplane, which is still really big; and, as was previously stated, cost $35,000, which is enough to buy 112,903 bags of airline peanuts, in case you were curious. Of course Kansas's Top Gun felt confident enough to fly his small fortune close to the ground, narrowly avoiding catastrophe. That is, until he stopped avoiding it and wound up with a giant, expensive gas fire.

That's the slow walk of a broken spirit.


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