Trucker Comforts Elderly Woman After Sidewiping
YouTube: BrumCityBiker

Trucker Comforts Elderly Woman After She Accidentally Sideswipes Him


We've seen plenty of crash-and-burn incidents involving truckers and drivers on the road, and, in most cases, they usually don't end well. Whether it's the fault of the trucker or the driver, usually both parties end up getting pretty steamed at each other, regardless if the damage is extensive or minimal.

But, back in 2016, in the English city of Birmingham, we got to see a rare moment of warmness between the perpetrator of a crash, who was an elderly woman, and the victim of the crash, who was the driver of a heavy goods vehicle. We say "victim," because the man wasn't at fault here, but clearly, this was more of a bump than a full-on crash. But, semantics.

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A YouTuber known as BrumCity Biker, who records and uploads hairy street situations, captured the moment on his helmet cam.

In the silver car ahead of the biker, the woman tries to merge into the right lane and, seemingly, does not see the big tractor trailer right beside her. The woman, the trucker, another woman in a blue car who witnessed the incident unfold, and the biker all pulled off to the shoulder after the collision. Rather than losing their cools, they all checked on the woman and reassured her that everything was going to be okay, while they exchanged information.

The trucker hugs the clearly shaken-up lady and tries to calm her down, despite him being just a little bit skeptical that she didn't see his truck before merging. She clearly meant no harm and made an honest mistake, but props to the trucker for reacting the way he did.

Maybe we're wrong, but we're pretty sure that something like this would never happen in the States.


This post was originally published on December 16, 2016.

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