[VIDEO] Comcast Truck Causes Multiple Accidents, Driver Couldn't Care Less


If you've got a service truck blocking half of a two lane road suffering extremely snowy and icy conditions, it might be a good idea to either not block one lane entirely AT ALL...or at least leave a long enough trail of cones to give drivers enough time to slow down safely. That's the argument the guy with the camera is making when he realized several people are having a horrible time trying to stop prior to skidding out of control when they get up to the Comcast service truck and its driver.

After watching crash after crash, the camera holder pleads with the service worker to put out more cones but it would appear this employee knows his company regulations. He instantly rattles off what appear to be the company safety standards: a 45 MPH road gets 4 cones, one for ever 10 miles on the speed limit.

While most of the drivers veer off the road and into neighboring lawns, one speeding truck causes a chain of accidents. Obviously, the truck driver was driving too fast but the repair worker could have done more to ease the situation for everyone. However, at the intersection of following the rules of your job and common sense and decency lie a series of minor car accidents.