Two psychics had no idea they were about to be in a crash


The Lexus SC430 was once selected by Top Gear as the worst car in the world. It was a car that did nothing well. It wasn't particularly attractive, it didn't have a luxurious ride, it didn't handle well, it wasn't all that fast and it wasn't even cheap. It also holds the distinction as the last car to feature a factory standard tape deck, in 2010!

No wonder this 85 year old woman could think of nothing better to do than crash the thing, although maybe she should have picked a better location.

Luckily, we can make jokes to our heart's content because, according to WGNTV, everyone walked away unhurt. While unhurt might be generous, no one appeared seriously injured when a woman accidentally crashed into a restaurant sending two customers flying across the dining room.

A video was posted by Blair Robertson, one of the men who was hit:


Robertson and his friend are apparently both psychics, although Robertson said, "I didn't foresee it happening...." Not a great advertisement for their services.

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