no tire and sparks flying don't stop this driver

No Tire and Flying Sparks Don't Stop this Driver


This incredible footage tracks the progress of a woman who continued driving, despite the fact she was riding on three wheels. As sparks fly and her battered wheel carves chunks out of the tarmac, the oblivious driver nonchalantly blasts through red lights.

The driver of the camera car submitted the footage to Animal, providing the following story:

There was a limo following us from the beginning which I thought was weird. He was running lights with her. Once we got to broad street, it was like the cops knew she was coming. They had a SUV cop waiting for her, which pulled her over once she passed him. When she finally stopped, a huge police truck came driving on the other lane (going against traffic) to pull in front of her so she wouldn't be able to escape. No guns drawn, they seemed calm actually when they approached her. These cops knew she was coming. Whoever was in that limo called and set her up.