This truck was an aborted lane change away from adding to this pileup


This video comes to us from outside of Williamsburg, Va.

Youtube Screen shot

As you can see, the trucker is moving along in the right lane when the trouble starts. A car in the left lane stops and that causes a chain-reaction wreck. The black car that starts off the pileup almost avoided the whole thing when it swerved to the right but saw the truck and decided to takes its chances. That is why you always leave space, even if that means someone might "take your place" in line. Earlier, at the 40 second mark, the Truck started changing lanes into the left lane but aborted when the cars suddenly braked. If it weren't for that quick decision, the later pileup could have been a lot worse.

Here's what the truck driver said on YouTube:


The state troopers were extremely grateful for my dash cam video of an accident you are about to see. I was grossed out close to 80,000 lbs. I was fortunate I was able to stop my truck. The outcome could have been much worse. Thankfully, there was no serious injuries or fatalities. Please be careful out there people.

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