This street racer learned the hard way what happens when you run out of skill

This video highlights many of the problems we have with street racing. Yes, track days are absolutely not easily accessible for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to have fun driving on public roads that are a heck of a lot smarter than blocking traffic to stage a four wide drag race through a tunnel. In addition to just being annoying, the rage triggered by motorists being help up is usually enough to cloud the judgement of one or two drivers who want to prove they should have been invited to the race.

Once the race gets underway you can see a few other cars try to get in on the action. It is unclear whether they were with the racers all along or just trying to prove they can keep up, but either way the result is a mass of cars speeding through a tunnel piloted by drivers who think they are driving gods.

Predictably, at least one of the drivers ends up way beyond his abilities and over-cooks a corner and understeers his Mercedes hatchback directly into the wall. Luckily, no innocent people were hurt and everyone lived to see another day. Hopefully they learned a lesson.

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