This NASCAR stock car couldn't handle driving up some guy's driveway


The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a world-class event where the most eclectic collection of vintage and cutting edge racecars come to show off. But, strangely enough, the main event is just a parade of cars driving quickly up some old dude's driveway. If that sounds boring, think again.

It may just be Lord March's long and twisting entrance to the Goodwood Estate, but this driveway is tricky enough to send this NASCAR stock car into the wall. Luckily for the driver, Ed Berrier, he is not the first to have trouble on this "Hill climb" so the grounds are prepared with hay bails to make sure all that is hurt is the drivers' pride.

Plus, it is not totally Berrier's fault. Clearly, something in the suspension broke and led the number 88 car to careen off course. But he does have to take responsibility for thinking a stock car was the right car for this course.


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