This mattress flew off a truck at the worst possible time


Always secure your load. Always. We have all seen someone driving down the highway with something in the back of their truck or on a roof rack that is just inches away from breaking lose and causing mayhem on the road behind them. A lot of us have also seen what happens when said mayhem occurs. Some of us have even been the cause of this mayhem. Oops.

This video shows why you should never let that happen again. This mattress, one of the most annoying things ever to transport, breaks free from the truck carrying it and hits this poor motorcyclist. This is truly the worst time to lose a mattress, when a motorcycle is behind you, but by some miracle the rider is ok. Heck, he didn't even fall! The mattress somehow gets caught up in the tire and just brings him to a skidding, surprisingly controlled stop.

You can't always count on the motorcyclist behind you having the balance of an Olympic gymnast, so just make sure to properly secure everything any time you help your buddies move.


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