flaming cargo van pulling trailer
YouTube: Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

This Flaming Cargo Van Pulling a Trailer Made for a Wild Scene


This looks like a scene that would come straight out of a Michael Bay film. Talk about a dangerous situation! This cargo van with a trailer attached suddenly caught fire in Arkansas, but things got even more wild once the first cop arrived. The whole ordeal was captured on the police cruiser's dashcam and through the body camera of the officer himself.

Police received a call about the burning vehicle, and as the first officer shows up, the van's transmission goes out, causing it to begin rolling down the steep driveway. The officer quickly throws his vehicle into reverse and avoids the flaming van, as it ghost rides right across the street and off the road on the other side. Luckily, no individuals were caught in the path of destruction. While still waiting for the fire department to get set up, this cop did have to manage putting out some of the residual flames in the meantime.

He quickly snatches his fire extinguisher and runs over to put out the neighbor's yard that had caught on fire in the process. The workers who owned the van also began smothering the flames anywhere they could. Shortly after getting a hand on that situation, we see the fire department setting up to extinguish the flaming van itself. Now, apparently this all started from the engine overheating, and I could see that, considering the steep driveway and the heavy trailer the van was pulling. Once the flames started, they grew quickly, leading to the failed transmission. It appeared to be quite the situation, but luckily emergency services were quick to arrive and jump into action.


I can only imagine how that phone call to the homeowner ended up going, and I do not envy whoever had to make it. Whatever van driver's job was, it certainly wasn't to catch half the yard and driveway on fire. Although unfortunate, it's just good that no one was injured during this bit of chaos. Insurance has the capacity to fix the rest.

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