The California Truck Invasion is pure mayhem


I once was at a baseball game where someone took a ball to the face.  I looked over at the random guy next to me and said, "Man, they really need to do something about this, it's just not safe."

Let me tell you that comparing a foul ball to the California Truck Invasion at Orange Show Speedway is like comparing snuggling with puppies to, well, the California Truck Invasion.

Before we get into some of the insane footage check out a couple snippets from the description page for the event where you purchase your tickets:

"Come on down and enjoy our FAMILY FRIENDLY event."  "Busting donuts and going sidewayz in a CONTROLLED ENVIRNOMENT."  "Burnout till your wheels POP OFF."  Okay, seems legit, right?


Now it's tough to gather from the videos exactly what the purpose of this event is.  Can it actually be just random burnouts, donuts and amateur drifting?  Yes, yes it can.

This short clip will give you a good idea of what I mean.




Let's break it down:

A GTO drifts around a corner coming insanely close to about two dozen people just standing there.  Meanwhile, in what looks to be the donut/burnout pit, a 4th Gen Camaro is doing a donut and smashes into a concrete barrier.... With a guy standing on top of it.  Oh, and then that same drifting GTO comes around and smashes into the Camaro.  To top all this off, the event continues while many people come out to help and check out the two smashed cars.

Then, the other guy figures those two have had enough attention and decides to do donuts with a door open and going the opposite direction on the track!


Ever wonder how to cool off your engine after doing some serious donuts? The first 30 seconds of this clip is from last year's event:




Yep, all you need is the shirt off your back and some anger issues.

This person definitely took the whole "burnout till your wheel's pop"-thing literally.  Hats off to him.

After watching all this, I think I'll take my chances at the good ole ball game.


H/T Jalopnik

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