Subaru WRX STI driver runs out of road and skill

Repeat the following: "Buying a new STI doesn't make me Colin McRae." Did you repeat it? You need to repeat it. Repeat it and take it to heart. Do not forget it, and definitely don't be like this prime example of unbridled douchebaggery.

The driver of this brand new STI did not take this warning to heart and what resulted was him being an enormous jerk. Not only does he spend most of the video disrespecting other drivers and crossing the double yellow line, putting so many people at risk, but he ruins a really nice Subaru in the process by not knowing how to handle it.

The driver was dumb enough to upload the video of his misdeeds but then came to his senses and took it down. Unfortunately for him, the internet never forgets:

A split second before the STI and a tree wrap each other up in a warm embrace, you can feel the mood in the car shift as the driver realizes he done messed up, and nature is about to put the hurt on. He fights the corner, just obliterating any chance of recovery in the process, and eventually submits to his fate.

The results: one damaged ego, one totaled STI, and, hopefully, a whole mess of tickets.

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