Who knew a rocket in the sky could cause so much havoc on the ground?

Images of the recent SpaceX Falcon9 launch have already spread across the internet, gathering attention for its remarkable launch trail.

The Falcon9 launch is absolutely incredible, and the trail it leaves behind seems to glow in the sky. But there’s a time and place to stare in wonder at a man-made object hurtling towards the stars, and it’s rarely from behind the wheel of a car.

Dashboard footage from a car driving down a California highway captured the rocket launch and, of course, the surrounding traffic. It’s not long before someone seems to get distracted staring at the show in the sky and plows into the back of the cars in front of them.

It’s clearly a bad accident and hopefully everyone walked away unscathed, but the driver with the dash cam didn’t pull over to check on those involved, so there’s not really any way to know.

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Will is an Atlanta native, who spends his time hiking with his dog, Marty, and seeing how deep he can submerge his Subaru in mud without ruining it; it’s more than he thought.
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