Slow motion footage of Busch-Logano wreck shows the violent force of a racetrack crash

In their years competing in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, drivers Kyle Busch and Joey Logano have combined for 60 wins, 40 poles, and a few very big crashes.

One of the most notable wrecks that's occurred between these two drivers happened at Kansas Motor Speedway in 2013.

Busch entered that particular race on a hot streak, with five straight top-five finishes, including a victory the week before at Texas Motor Speedway. But, Busch never had much luck at Kansas for whatever reason.

After spinning his car out just six laps into the race, Busch was fighting his way back to the front when he lost control again on lap 102 out of 400, according to He couldn't avoid contact this time though, as he slid up the track and collided with the outside wall, then came back down the banking in front of his former teammate Joey Logano. Unfortunately for both drivers, their cars collided at such high speeds that the front tires of Logano's car left the ground and his car did a short wheelie on the apron.

Busch's still managed to start his car after the crash and drove it backwards around the track until he made it to pit road.

This hasn't been the only notable altercation between these two drivers though as Logano and Busch collided again at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2017. After contact with Logano's car made Busch spin out, he found Logano after the race and punched him before team members for both drivers broke up the fight, according to NBC Sports.

It would be beneficial for the health and well-being of both drivers to learn from these incidents, but history has a unfortunate way of repeating itself, right?

Video: Kyle Busch punches Joey Logano in the face