semi truck crash virginia highway
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Driver's Last-Second Merge Causes Semi Truck Close Call


If you have a son or daughter who's about to start driving soon (we know it's a scary thought), you've probably already started racking your brain for the best tips and tricks to impart before they get behind the wheel on their own.

Well, let the above video serve as just one great example of what NOT while driving on the highway. As the dashcam footage shows, one driver, in an effort to not miss their exit, pulled off a tight merge and cut in front of a passing semi truck. Now, hopefully, most people in the offending driver's situation would've just caught the next exit and added a few more minutes to their commute instead of pulling a last-second move that puts everyone's safety at risk.

But, this incautious driver was only thinking about the quickest way to get from point A to point B, and almost caused a crash of terrifying proportions that couldn't ended in two semi trucks colliding. We've seen plenty of semi truck crash videos in our day, and as you probably know, it ain't pretty.


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"This is probably one of the scariest incidents I've had on the road," writes the video's uploader. "Because of the wide angle lens on my dashcam, everything looks farther away than it actually is. The car jumped in front of me with not more than 12 feet clearance then slammed on the brakes, couldn't jump to the left because of another truck passing me. It was either slam on the brakes or nail the car."

Thankfully, both truck drivers recovered spectacularly and avoided a serious crash. Hats off to these two pros for staying calm, cool, and collected in a high-stress moment and showing what happens when good, solid defensive driving saves the day.

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