Dashcam captures a cake delivery van risking it all to deliver on time



In America, driving is piece of cake. In Russia, piece of cake drives into you!

Thank every god imaginable for the Russian habit of slapping a camera to everything with a dashboard. The entertainment is endless, because, presumably, Russia's roads don't really have laws as much as they have suggestions. Which would explain why this delivery van decided to risk it all to meet that drop-off window.

It seems the driver is O.K., but it's absolutely baffling as to why he would leave a roundabout from the far left lane.


On a side note, SPB-Cakes has some delicious looking options for every occasion. Whether it's a baby shower, wedding, or a 30th birthday party, SPB-Cake has a variety of pastry options that range in appearance from amazing to slightly depressing.

You might have some trouble ordering though, literally the only English word on the homepage is "candy bar" and it's underneath a picture of a cupcake . . . Russia is weird.

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