Relive the Indy 500's nastiest wreck with the man who saw it best


Photographers are a special breed. They put themselves in danger for the perfect shot, a split-second capture of the moment when that thing, you know, that thing, hits the fan.

IndyStar freelance photographer Ron Graphman can sleep well tonight with the knowledge that he upheld the tradition of reckless endangerment every photographer has tattooed on the arch of their foot. It's true; find a photographer, get its shoe off and look for ink.

Graphman caught the Scott Dixon crash moment by moment, right up until the moment when he had to dip and dodge the debris.


Like the great photographers before him, Graphman sustained some damage in the line of duty, namely a sore back, which is good. Graphman is a great shot, seriously, that depth of field though; it'd be nice to keep him around and shooting for awhile.

Thankfully, both of the drivers in the crash walked away, and coupled with a healthy photographer, that makes for a pretty good day at the track.

Their are some awards coming down the track for Graphman, hopefully he doesn't duck those, too.

H/T: Samuel Reiman


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