Redneck Trucker Denies Driver's Attempted Merging


You're hauling a rig through Alabama and trying to work in a phone call. All of a sudden, traffic starts darting in front of you to escape being held back by a semi. Sure, it's annoying to see other drivers not care about how they're impacting the road, but when that one car tries to pull something off, and it always does, you refuse to let it do so.

Such is the case with this trucker who claims to have not noticed the black Volkswagen trying to merge into the his lane. Sure, the car is technically ahead of the truck but there's not enough room for any sane person to think they'll fit safely. Maybe the VW assumed the truck would back off and give space? Maybe the truck thought the VW would realize they shouldn't try to run a truck off the road? It appears to us the truck driver saw the encroaching VW and chose to take a stand.