Huge wreck at Kansas sends a car airborne and disqualifies a playoff driver


Erik Jones went for a ride on this one.

The massive wreck sent the field scrambling with multiple cars receiving heavy damage.


Matt Kenseth and Jamie McMurray were the playoff drivers caught up in the wreck.

Kenseth then got a penalty for too many pit members over the wall while they were working on the damage and were disqualified from the race. You could hear the frustration in Kenseth's voice as he heard the news. His crew chief was equally upset, saying that he sent over six pit crew members but, "someone can't count."

McMurray was not able to continue due to the damage inflicted on his car.


A DNF due to engine problems and now a rule violation have taken two playoff drivers out of this all important playoff race. Not the way NASCAR wanted to decide who makes the next round.

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