Mustang does what Mustangs do into a Lamborghini dealership


For once, a Mustang spinning out and crashing is not the result of someone trying to show off. This guy was just trying to pull out into traffic in the rain.

UPDATE: Jalopnik reports the Mustang driver requested the chase car film his drift, meaning he WAS showing off. Or at least, trying to.

He gives it a little too much power in the rain and gets sideways. One over-correction later and he is in a full blown tank-slapper.

The Mustang does what Mustangs do best and carries him over a curb and into a fence outside of a Lamborghini dealership. The filming driver gets out to check on him and, after some Blair Witch camerawork, it is clear that all that is hurt is his pride as he sits motionless staring at his phone, dreading the call to the insurance company he is about to make. He shouldn't be too worried though, by now the insurance company probably keeps claim paperwork half filled out for every Mustang they insure.


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