A motorcycle rider hits a car, flies through the air and slams into a truck. That's not the most amazing thing.


Living in a world where is seems nearly everything is caught on camera has it ups and downs.

Sometimes we're treated to a front row seat of some of the most incredible things in the world and on the other end of the spectrum we bare witness to some of the more tragic things life has to offer.

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Somehow one video clip managed to walk a line down that spectrum from incredible, to scary, and to just flat out wow.


As a person was riding along on their motorcycle, a vehicle pulled out in front of them. With no time to react the rider hit the side of the vehicle and flipped over the hood, flying violently into the air. Adding insult to injury, the rider flew right into a semi-truck.

One would assume after that insane chain of events, the motorcyclist would be severely injured, if not dead. But to our surprise, the rider sat up, then rose to his feet, apparently unharmed.

We're not sure if it just wasn't their time, but it might be a good time to go out and play the lottery with luck like that.