A cop may have been 11 seconds from death, and this insane video shows why



Life can change in a matter of seconds, and sometimes a few seconds make all the difference.

Officer Raul Cavazos of the Pasco Police department in Pasco, narrowly avoided being hit by a car as indicated by his dashcam.

Cavazos was at an intersection where all four traffic signals were flashing red. The driver in front of his wasn't moving when it was her turn, so he got out and explained the process to her according to the Pasco Police Facebook page.


ELEVEN SECONDS FROM DEATH? Maybe not, but Officer Raul Cavazos was within eleven seconds of having an upside-down PT Cruiser land right where he had been standing. This occurred Thursday afternoon at about 5:20 PM at Sandifur/ Road 68.

The traffic signals were temporarily flashing red in all directions, making it a four-way-stop until the signals get fixed. Officer Cavazos had pulled up westbound on Sandifur behind a car whose driver was not taking her opportunity to drive through. Officer Cavazos had briefly explained it to her and had gotten back into his patrol car when this rather-dramatic two-car collision occurred. The PT Cruiser ends up where Officer Cavazos had just been.

The collision itself is still under investigation by Officer Joshua Glass. PP17-22447 Collision

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After he was finished talking with the driver, he walked back to his car. Just seconds later two cars entered the intersection and collided with each other. One of the vehicles, a PT Cruisser, flipped over and clipped the car of the occupant Cavazos was just speaking to.

Life can come at you fast, fortunately for Cavazos, he was free and clear when the accident occurred.

The crash is still under investigation.