MotoAmerica Racer makes a unreal save after dredded "Death Wobble."

When anything is described with the word death in front of it, you know it can't be good. In the world of motorcycle racing that's especially true. We've all seen hundreds of brutal motorcycle crash videos so its refreshing to watch an amazing save from time to time.

In this video, we see Kawasaki rider Anthony West competing in the MotoAmerica race in Pittsburgh. West is no rookie as he has competed in the Superstock 1000 class along with the World Supersport. He's also a grand prix winner in the Moto2 and the 250cc classes.

He describes what happened as the, "biggest save I have ever made."

West took to Facebook to go a little bit more in detail about his experience.

"Huge hi-side / death wobble as I come over the hill here at Pittsburgh raceway. You can see I left 2 big black marks one from the front and one from the rear tires. This hill you click into 4th on the Kawasaki ZX10. So yes was a fast one and glad to save it. But it still hurt. I have few bruises and hurt my hand. But better then crashing it."

After watching this very close call there is only one question left.  How does one celebrate after something like this?