Analyst ridicules driver who called for safety improvements following huge wreck, then back tracks


After a massive wreck in a recent GT World Cup race, driver Lucas Di Grassi tweeted that the FIA should implement an automated driving warning system that would notify drivers of a wreck up ahead.

Di Grassi said a system of that sort would "prevent or diminish" accidents involving a plethora of cars.

Here's the wreck Di Grassi was referencing that involved a number of cars:

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F1 commentator Davis Coulthard responded to Di Grassi's tweet with a very sarcastic response.

As it turns out, Coulthard misinterpreted Di Grassi's tweet and thought he meant driverless technology should take over. However, Di Grassi just meant the GPS in the car should alert the driver of a wreck nearby.

Coulthard didn't respond to this tweet, and Di Grassi's idea actually makes sense and could help the sport with safety concerns.

Anything to help safety-wise would be an improvement as massive wrecks are obviously dangerous and have a major impact on races. Wrecks will still happen, but wrecks involving a dozen cars can and should be avoided.


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