NFL star RB gave a fan something to remember after he was involved in a car accident Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Rookie running back Leonard Fournette was only two days removed from helping his Jacksonville Jaguars to an unlikely date with the New England Patriots in the AFC championship when he got into an accident in Florida.

Driving in his 2017 Maybach, the young star was rear ended by a woman in an SUV. Fournette was ok, but his Maybach wasn’t so lucky.

Fournette, though, handled it like a pro.

Instead of getting upset that his car had been smashed up, he signed the bumper that fell off and gave it to a first responder, who now has the world’s strangest NFL memorabilia.

Fournette even took time to pose for pictures with a boy who was involved in the accident and the officer who responded to the crash.

No injuries and an NFL star who knows how to handle a fender bender? That’ll warm your heart.

H/T USAToday

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