Honestly, this video will never get old to me, but maybe that’s just because I love watching tailgating drivers get owned by karma. It’s short, simple, and it can teach all drivers a quick lesson in operating their vehicle safely on the roads. So, let’s check out this dashcam footage, and break down what happened here.

We can see a decent amount of vehicles traveling along on the highway when this occurred. Luckily, this Jeep driver had both front and rear-facing dashcams, so it captures both angles of the incident. Up front, a pickup truck drops a ladder into the road. At this point, the Jeep hits the brakes and turns the hazard lights on. The driver directly behind didn’t seem to take that into much consideration, and continues to maintain an unsafe gap. One by one, the cars in front start to scatter to avoid the ladder, and eventually, the Jeep comes up to it as well.

Without changing lanes entirely, the Jeep scoots over to the left to avoid it, while the tailgating driver doesn’t see the ladder until the last second, and runs right over it. The cars wheel got stuck on the ladder, and it brought the vehicle to a complete stop in the middle of the highway. That’s what happens when you follow too closely: You don’t have enough time to react. It’s an unfortunate situation for the Ford Focus driver, but hopefully, it’s also a hard lesson learned.

Think about it: That’ll be one hell of a time getting that car free. You can’t drive it anywhere, and it’s not like you can just pull the ladder back out. More than likely they had to jack up their car right in the middle of the highway, and that’s not exactly a very ideal spot to be in. All of it could have been avoided had the driver kept a little more distance to the vehicle in front, but I bet they’ll think twice about tailgating next time.


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