The Morgan 4/4 boasts the world’s longest production run. In production since 1936, the 4/4 is classic Morgan, which of course means that it has a wooden frame. This Morgan owner put the strength of that construction to the ultimate test when he pulled out in front of this Peugeot presumably going at least the 50 mph limit.

With only around 100 horsepower, the Morgan 4/4 is a great lightweight sports car, but didn’t quite have the acceleration needed to avoid this rear-ender. You can even see the driver checking his mirror after he pulls out. Possibly realizing he misjudged the speed of both cars before a jarring impact. The camera man reported that there were no injuries so that wooden frame held up admirably. Can’t be a cheap repair bill, though.

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If you drive around a wooden car, you should be more careful than this Adamc3046/ Youtube
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