Idiot gets out of his car in the middle of traffic and pays the price



This is something out of a Three Stooges movie.

First, what would possess anyone to get out of their car in the middle of a busy road? If the traffic is at a dead stop, you stay in your vehicle because you never know what could happen. Even in case of an accident you should pull off somewhere safe before getting out.

This guy (Lady?) found that out the hard way.


He (She?) gets out of his car, and it looks like it forgets to put it in park. When he sees the car moving, he rushes up to it and tries to jump in. Only thing is, he misses, falls, and the car runs right over his legs.

Now the guy is in tremendous pain because, ya know, his own car just ran over him. But he gets up, limping badly and dragging his injured leg, and starts CHASING the moving car. Luckily for him, a passerby went all Mighty Mouse (Here I come to save the day!), jumped in his moving car and brought it to a stop.

The passerby didn't even hang around for a thank you. He just took off while the guy nursed his bruised legs and ego.

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