Hurricane Harvey takes no prisoners, including a garage full of exotic cars

The devastation that has hit the Southeast region of Texas is like nothing we've seen before. Hurricane Harvey tore through Houston leaving no stone unturned. This type of destruction is unimaginable and people have lost not only their homes and personal belongings, but their lives as well.

These videos show what a storm like this can do to a normal residential home, and its garage. Unfortunately, this particular garage houses some of the world's most exotic cars. Some of these cars are completely submerged and will be totaled out for sure. It's going to be very interesting to see how the salvage car auctions are going to look in the next few months.

Looking at both videos, it's clear this is at least a million dollar car collection. Sitting in the flood water is a Ford GT, a couple Ferraris, a Mercedes G63 AMG, a Mercedes CLA, and two motorcycles. Luckily, two Lamborghinis were up in the air on a lift. No word on if those cars are damaged as well.

It's likely all these cars are fully insured, but with much more pressing matters facing the insurance companies, who knows how long this takes to get resolved.

In the end, cars can be replaced but people cannot. We wish everyone in Houston and the surrounding areas a speedy recovery and remember that the entire country is here to help.

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