A Reddit user has found the most open and shut hit and run case ever

Hit and run drivers can be incredibly hard to find. If they aren’t caught red handed, it comes down to witnesses or finding a car with similar damage. This time, it looks a little bit easier to find the culprit. Reddit user EmanonR came across a post from an acquaintance witnessing a hit and run with just about the easiest solve in the history of mysteries.

The damage to this Civic is substantial, clearly someone hit pretty hard before taking off.

The scene looks familiar, the victim’s car bearing the scars of some terrible person who couldn’t stick around after smashing up someones pride and joy. If only there was some way to find who did it… wait, what’s that?

Ooh, that front license plate requirement strikes again! Short of posting a video of the incident on social media and leaving behind your wallet, dropping a license plate is probably the easiest way to get caught in this situation. We do have to clarify that it is not 100% conclusive, the suspect could have been a part of a license plate stealing ring and just dropped one of his trophies, but in all likelihood, the detectives won’t be spraining any muscles tracking this person down.

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