His reaction to his car bursting into flames didn’t help



Ah, yes, the Russian dash cam. What have you uncovered for us this time, you magical nesting doll of misfortune?

Well, slip on your favorite track suit, take a squat and enjoy some wholesome footage of a BMW catching on fire.

The video opens with a biker pulling up next to the ill-fated M5. There is a moment of eye contact, and then a spark of something underneath the car. Soon flames are erupting out from underneath the doors.


The motorcyclist points incredulously at the BMW driver, who then does the only rational thing to do in a car fire, drives off into the distance at speed. Soon, no fewer than eight tracksuits have surrounded the flaming vehicle, yelling at traffic, the car, and each other. Until, finally, someone shows up with a fire extinguisher to place everything under control.

The real hero.

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