Formula D driver crashes his Ferrari-powered Toyota 86 right into a mountain


For many car enthusiasts, Ferraris are the pinnacle of sports car perfection. They're fast, agile, and very exclusive. On the flipside, the Toyota 86 is a sports car for the everyday person who works a 9 to 5 office job for just enough money to be able to pay rent, buy groceries, and cover the bill for their smartphone.

But, what would happen if someone decided to combine those two automobiles?

Well, that someone just so happens to be Formula D driver Ryan Tuerck.


Tuerck, 32, released a series of videos over the last year detailing how he swapped a V8 engine from a Ferrari 458 and placed it inside his Toyota 86GT. This turned out to be quite the chore as the Toyota 86 comes standard with a much smaller four-cylinder engine, so replacing it with the Ferrari motor meant he couldn't even put the hood back on the car after installing those eight cylinders of Italian horsepower.

The biggest question that remained after this engine swap was if the Toyota 86 would be able to handle the additional ponies.

The answer finally came out when Donut Media released footage of the Ferrari-powered Toyota 86 in action. However, the results were not good to say the least.

According to the captions featured in the video, Tuerck drove his modified Toyota right into the side of a mountain on the first shot of the day. Luckily though, Tuerck was uninjured and his car only needed minor repairs.


Tuerck even continued driving after those repairs were made to the car, but his drifts were noticeably less aggressive than what he attempted previously.

Maybe this why V8 engines don't come standard in less expensive Toyota sports cars?