Drivers can be considered lucky despite repeatedly crashing into this parking lot



If you fly off an exit ramp, you probably wouldn't consider yourself lucky. After tumbling down a hill and landing in a parking lot, this guy does. Besides avoiding any serious injury, the man's trashed ride also ends up just yards away from Snyder Brother's Automotive. CBS Pittsburgh reports that this is an almost annual occurrence at the shop. After eight crashes in nine years, shop owner Donald Snyder said,

"We've had cars flip over, catch on fire. Hit the building, time and time again. You know, coming down 376 and when you're in the right hand lane to exit - that's a long run. I think people, they are not prepared to make that sharp turn. Also, I think people become distracted. This fellow, he didn't even hit his brakes, he just kept going straight without turning."

Snyder has reached out to the Pennsylvania DOT but notes that past efforts to warn drivers of the turn hasn't prevented the incidents. On the bright side, after the shock of flying through the air wears off, this lucky guy doesn't even have to call a tow truck.

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