Driver Leads Cops on High Speed Chase With Busted Tires

A California man, Ramon Bernal, led California Highway Patrol officers on a high speed chase through 4 different counties in a slowly disintegrating '99 Nissan Pathfinder. What's crazy about this is by the time this news helicopter caught up with this chase the front right tire had already been destroyed by a spike strip and the right rear tire wasn't far behind. However, riding on rims alone didn't stop this guy! He screams along, grinding metal into the pavement as his car begins to erode on the highway itself. He eventually can't control it and he comes to a tumbling crash. Then the driver exits the car and scopes out the damage like someone inspecting the dent a shopping cart might do in a store parking lot! The cops arrest him and charge him with felony evasion of a peace officer as well as driving under the influence of drugs.