Disabled hero sees his weekend ruined in an instant


Rob Parsons, aka "Chairslayer," lost the use of his legs in a dirt bike accident, but that hasn't stopped him from wrenching or drifting on his own.

His 600 HP Nissan 180SX is controlled entirely by hand with custom controls. He uses his right hand to steer and the throttle, clutch, gearshift, brake and, because driftcar, handbrake are controlled by his left.

If you know anyone who, no matter how much time they have, is never ready until ten minutes after you were supposed to be at dinner, that's Parson's friend, "Hert." When Parsons finally gets to his garage, already running behind due to his own last minute improvements, Hert's 500 hp RX-7 is still not ready.

When they finally load up, they estimate they are about a day behind after thier last minute tweaks. But, when they finally get there, drifting fun was had by all.


For a bit.

After all that work, a spin while leading a three car tandem drift led to Parsons tagging Hert's car hard. That will definitely put a damper on the weekend.

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