What could have caused this semi to jackknife so suddenly?


You're driving down the freeway when it happens. The little voice in the back of your head starts up, "You forgot to turn the oven, iron, waffle-maker, and VHS player off. Your whole house is probably on fire right now, or it might not be, but it definitely will be if you don't turn around . . . right now."

It's happened to everyone, and we've all made the required U-turn to discover that everything is fine and that it's just going to be one of those late-to-work days. Thing is, most of us aren't making that U-turn on a freeway while driving a semi.

It's unclear what appliances the driver in the video left on, but it must have been important for him to jackknife his truck like that.

On the bright side, everyone driving around this maniac is on point! These drivers are completely ready for seemingly anything.

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