Take a look at this rare double instant-karma wreck


Usually, these dashcam videos catch some idiot getting his comeuppance in the form of crashing their car or getting a ticket right after behaving like the driving equivalent of a spoiled toddler. Many times though, the offending driver isn't the only one who has their day, if not their ride, ruined. Too many times, an innocent, law-abiding driver gets caught up in someone else's idiocy and pays the price themselves.

This is not one of those times.


The driving gods were very efficiently dispensing justice that day. The red SUV tries to stretch their left turn green light and the black one was just straight up flying by everyone.


Technically, the black car does have the right of way, but depending on the speed limit and whether or not that lane was a right turn only, it might not be that simple to the police and insurance companies.

Whatever the case, this is the rare instant-karma wreck where two bad decisions got punished for the price of one.

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