'Ghost car' seemingly materializes out of nowhere to cause a crash


Why in the... how in the... what in the world are we looking at?

This car seems to appear out of nowhere to cause an accident. That is the danger of teleporting your car, we guess. You never know if you are going to reappear staring down the barrel of an imminent crash. We half expected Doc Brown and Marty to climb out after the collision. Some are even going so far as to call it a ghost car, and it is hard to argue.

Until you finally see it.

It's all about perspective. The cammer's car is aligned perfectly to hide the gray car until after the contact. There are some hints if you watch the roof line of the white car of what is happening, but it is still a really cool optical illusion.

Maybe not so cool for the people involved, but then again they don't have the same excuse for not seeing each other as we do.

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