This Mercedes driver thinks he is totally innocent as he watches this Jetta crash behind him

Can we all just relax a little bit? Something about getting out there on the road in our cocoons of steel makes us devoid of all chill for some reason. Here we have a dashcam hanging off the back of an AMG Mercedes showing a Jetta hot on its tail. The video title and description aims to blame a stereotypical "Dumb woman driver" for losing control of her VW while trying to pass on the shoulder, but it is pretty clearly not that simple.

The video is mirrored, making it a little disorienting, but it seems pretty clear that both cars passed the car at the beginning on the right which is frowned upon if not outright illegal in whatever state they are in. As for the assertion that she is trying to pass on the shoulder, it is pretty obvious that the Mercedes is trying to block the Jetta from going around him and that, coupled with her over-aggression causes her to lose control.

Both drivers are being total idiots in this video, and this accident could have been avoided if even one of the people involved would have just taken a deep breath and relaxed just the littlest of bits. Oh well, her perplexed, annoyed face as she over-corrects her Jetta into oblivion is pretty funny.

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