This is what being 'nice' gets you when driving in Massachusetts

Two lessons can be learned here.

First: When you have the right of way, take it. Being "nice" is not very nice if you are impeding traffic behind you and setting up another driver to get into an at-fault accident when they stupidly trust you.

Second: Don't stupidly trust other drivers! Just because one person is stopping on a green light doesn't mean they all are. There's no excuse to just hope no one is in that second lane.

Actually, bonus lesson: Even though it is in no way their fault, the black Accord should have been a little more cautious when the lane next to him suddenly stopped before entering an intersection. It could have been a kid crossing the street chasing a ball for all he knew. And is that a Jaguar hood ornament? Good lord.

Basically, don't be like anyone in this video.