Daring rescue undertaken when a lady parks in the absolute worst spot


Summer heat makes everyone a little crazy, just look at Florida. And, just like Florida, the heat can sometimes push people towards drastic actions in an attempt to escape. Drastic actions like driving a brand new Ford F-150 Raptor into a San Diego-area swimming pool. This is where you'd normally see the obligatory Mustang joke.

Fortunately, no one was hurt when the truck rolled down a hill, smashed a fence, and did its best Dave Lindsay imitation into the backyard swimming pool of some unsuspecting homeowner. And that result is likely only true because Gabriel Mejia, a quick thinking bystander and real-life superhero, was there to jump in the pool, break the driver's side window with hist fist, and help keep the 68-year-old grandmother driving the truck above water until fire fighters made it to the scene.

Happy ending to a story that could have easily turned tragic. Before you move on though, take a moment to reflect on the 2017 Raptor, which is likely totaled. It was too young.


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