Car vs truck reveals two oblivious drivers


Having a small car has its advantage and disadvantages.  Parking is a breeze, fuel mileage is usually pretty good, insurance is cheap and many people really don't need any more than a sub compact anyway.

One pretty big downside however, is big huge trucks can't see you very well. Or at least that was the case in this video posted by Alamanda Priladarma.  In the video, you see a very small blue car attempting a left turn onto a highway.  To its right is a large "Lorry."  That would be a large truck in England. The little car looks like it's about to turn onto the highway then it stops probably to check for traffic coming. The Lorry driver probably thought the car had gone and only looks one way before making the turn.  Much to his surprise the car was still there and well, big truck vs small car can only end in one fashion, destruction.

Check out the comment session, everyone is all of a sudden an insurance adjuster with expert knowledge of who would be at fault. All that can really be determined for sure is that both drivers could have avoided this.


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