Road-raging BMW idiot drives dangerously, then karma bites him in the 'arse'

Idiots driving. Can't stand it. Who can?

In this case, karma came back with a vengeance.

According to this YouTube video  -- and you can skip to the 3:15 mark to see where the action really starts -- this BMW was tailing the car with the dashcam, driving dangerously on wet country roads. When the BMW passed, the cars briefly stopped next to each other and exchanged pleasantries punctuated with profanity.

The BMW drives off, but two minutes later, wrecks, and is at the side of the road.

The dashcam driver, in a gut-busted squeal of glee, rejoices in Karma once again biting an idiot in the "arse." Here's the YouTube description, and warning for the profanity.

Sits up my arse while doing 50/60 on wet country roads, gesturing and being a bit of a dick before overtaking and crashing out