Add the Dodge Viper to the list of cars to avoid at Cars and Coffee


Drivers, we need to take a moment and talk about basic driving skills and etiquette. Most of you are adults, presumably, who have been wheeling around in a car for a few years and understand that it's not always best practice to constantly be acquainting your gas pedal with the floor. But if you still need a reason not to drive this way, here you are:

Fortunately, no one was hurt when this Dodge Viper decided to voice its dislike of highway beautification projects; Lady Bird Johnson would be so distraught.

Accidents like this are unfortunately becoming a trend at Cars and Coffee, hence the need to talk. It seems these events can have a harmful effect on the decision-making capabilities of some drivers, not to point any fingers, but it's mostly Mustang owners. And they are ruining Cars and Coffee for everyone by causing cancellations and running into seemingly everything.

So, next time you're pulling out of a Cars and Coffee and feel that almost undeniable urge to mash the accelerator down and race away, don't. There's a whole host of evidence pointing to that decision not turning out well, and you'll probably just look like a dolt.


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