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Tesla Security Camera System Catches 2 Goons Going Full Vandal

Obviously, it's never a good idea, under any circumstances, to key a car. You know, because of vandalism and all that. BUT, if you feel absolutely compelled to whip out a set to keys and just go to town on a car's paint job, whether it's as some sort of act of vengeance or just because you're an all-around asshole, then just be sure you never key a Tesla. All because of a little feature called Sentry Mode.

Taking place in Sacramento, California, the below video shows two guys, apparently upset over the state of a Ram pickup truck, who thought it'd be cool and sneaky if one of them got out their keys and scratched up a Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately for them, Tesla's security camera system called Sentry Mode caught these goobers in the act. When they walked out in front of the Tesla, in full view of the camera, well, that was pretty much it. They were caught red-handed.

Since they still didn't realize their fate, they went back for round 2, with Jerkoff #1 slamming the truck door into the Tesla and Jerkoff #2 giving the Tesla a once-over keying.

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As The Drive points out, Tesla's Sentry Mode is one seriously nifty feature.

Sentry Mode operates by recording footage from Tesla's Autopilot cameras when a driver enables the feature before walking away from their vehicle. When a "minimal threat" is detected by the car, the car's large 15-inch touchscreen displays a warning to notify those around it that it has begun recording. The car saves the recording to a flash drive that the driver has plugged into the cabin, and will notify the driver on the screen when they return that an event has been captured.

According to the Tesla owner, the Model 3 sustained around $2,000 worth of damage. Tack that on to the felony vandalism charges those two dudes are facing, and their little act of payback probably doesn't seem so worth it now.

This post was originally published on May 16, 2019.

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