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Her Explanation of Miles Per Hour Will Twist Your Brain Into a Pretzel


You don't have to be a genius to figure out the answer to this simple math question: If you are traveling 80 miles per hour, how long does it take you to go 80 miles?

Obviously, the answer is one hour, and most people would be able to answer that without exerting much mental effort at all. But, Chelsea Chambers isn't most people.

While Chelsea and her husband Travis were on a road trip to Boise, Idaho back in 2011, Travis decided to pose the "80 MPH" question, film his wife's nearly four-minute long response, and upload the whole thing to YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Entitled "The Real Meaning of MPH," the video may be almost seven years old, but it will forever go down as one of the more baffling answers to such a simple question that we've ever seen.


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The way Chelsea tackled that like it was some sort of complicated physics problem is so hilariously incorrect, it's almost impressive. I mean, she's deliberating the number of times the tires would be turning, contemplating the difference between manual and automatic, and even throwing in how long it would take her to run a mile. All completely irrelevant points, but they're definitely points.

To be fair though, it probably wasn't the coolest of moves for Travis to shame his wife like that, and if this couple is still together, it probably took a hell of a long time for him to get out of the doghouse.

Heck, maybe she was even in on the joke, and this was all just a ruse for the couple to go viral. Nearly 13 million views on YouTube is certainly nothing to sneeze at.


This post was originally published on August 2, 2018.

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