street racers arrested in sams club

Police Confiscated 50 Vehicles During a Massive Street Racing Session at a Georgia Sam's Club


Folks have been gathering for street racing and impromptu car events since the first wheel was invented. But, what happens when you get a little too fast and a little too furious?

There are nearly 100 street racers in Clayton County, South Carolina who have an answer for that, and what they have to say isn't exactly good news for your standard street racer.

It all started out innocently enough, when a group gathered after hours in the parking lot of a Sam's Club on Jonesboro Road. Drivers were challenged, rubber was burned, gauntlets were thrown, and a crowd of people soon gathered to show off their chrome, their horsepower, and their custom-tailored rides. Only, while the drivers were distracted, the Clayton County Police, accompanied by Sheriff Victor Hill's elite COBRA Unit, Blackhawk Unit, and Tactical Patrol, sealed off all possible entrances and exits to the parking lot, forming blockades and assembling tire-puncture strips.


On top of that, Clayton County does not subscribe to the "no chase" policy. At least one vehicle was followed by police as they fled the site. These drivers were ultimately apprehended when the deputy executed a PIT (pursuit intervention technique) maneuver.

All told, 88 people were arrested, as officers stepped from car to car to arrest the passengers. Sixteen juveniles were among those arrested, as well. Four firearms were also confiscated in the fracas, but let's think of the cars. Fifty vehicles had to be towed from the Sam's Club parking lot. That's 50 high-powered muscle machines that had to ride the flatbed of shame to the tow lot that night.

So, while mankind may thrive on a need for speed, be careful where you exercise that thirst. Apparently, this well-attended impromptu rally was far too good to be true. Future street racers of the world, take heed: Though the parking lot might fit, the price of admission might not be worth it.

This post was originally published on April 5, 2021.


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