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Big Wheel Downhill Racing Looks Like a Wild and Fun Time


Peter Pan was right. You should never grow up. Sure, being an adult sucks, until you remember you can still do all the crazy things you did as a child, only on a much more epic level. San Francisco knows what's up. They host an annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Downhill Race. Contestants are required to bring their own oversized children's trike and have an absolute blast.

Releasing your inner child is cathartic. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to tap into the same childlike wonder you experienced in adolescence. This can be awkward and difficult to find at times, but when you do spot a release of this nature, you go all in. That's exactly what the man in this video did when he took his big wheel way downhill.

Check out his adventure here:


Go Big or Go Home

The big wheel racer got off to a great start. He slowly began to realize that these things were a lot easier to steer for smaller people. His size didn't discourage him from trying to get down that hill at full speed. After some sharp turns, he had to stop his big wheel several times to avoid wiping out.

The cheering crowd lined the sides of the hills and blew bubbles at the participants. The scene was weird, yet joyous. It's not every day you get to watch adults try to tackle a hill on a big wheel. Things got a little dicey when the hill turned the big wheel around completely.

The adventurous gentleman miraculously steered the big wheel backward, narrowly avoiding other participants. Due to his lack of professional big wheel experience, he eventually wiped out, but was saved from major road rash by his motorcycle gear (good call, bud). The fella had a great run before wiping out a second time and calling it quits. Being a kid has its pros and cons. Big wheels are fun, tasting the asphalt as an adult...not so much. We will never be children again but only the person in the mirror can stop us from approaching life with childlike wonder and excitement.

This article was originally published on December 10, 2018. 


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