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Trucker Witnesses Pickup Driver Rescue a Semi, and Completely Changes His Opinion About Chevy


"I'm never gonna talk s*** on Chevy ever again."

That's what a St. Louis, Missouri semi truck driver named Adam Bosler had to say after witnessing a Chevy pickup truck driver hauling a massive tractor trailer up icy Interstate 70 after a serious snowstorm left it stuck in its tracks.

Bosler, whose semi was also stranded as a result of the winter storm, says that he may not have gotten home to his family if not for the assistance of the Chevy truck-driving Good Samaritan.

"I think it's incredible when everybody in the same industry can come together make things happen just to get everybody home," Bosler told KSDK.


Valon Ibishi, who says that he pulled four semis up the hill of the Missouri highway during the height of the storm, was the hero who braved the icy conditions, helping Bosler and several other drivers get home to their families safe and sound.

"I like to help people and for that reason, I just opened the doors as soon as people for everybody to go home and safe," Ibishi said.


The rescue occurred in the middle of January 2019, and Missouri, which got more than a foot of snow in some places, wasn't the only state that got hit hard by winter weather that weekend. Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas caught the brunt of snowy weather in the midwest, while the East Coast was also greatly affected, particularly in areas of Washington D.C., New Jersey, and Maryland. Not to mention that freezing rain in some areas of North Carolina led to dangerous black ice conditions.

Needless to say, severe winter weather is no joke, and if you live in a state that gets that gets hit hard by snow, ice, or cold temperatures, make sure to stay safe out there.

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This post was originally published on January 14, 2019.


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