Motorist travel along Interstate-75 through several inches of snow as the area deals with record breaking freezing weather January 6, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan
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Michigan Police Warned Drivers About "I-Forgot-How-to-Drive-in-Snowitis"


Michigan is one of those states in this great US of A where it seems like it snows for at least half of the year. Which is why it is really not all that surprising that, back in 2018, the Wolverine State got its first snow of the year in early November.

With winter weather comes winter driving, and that means dealing with poor visibility, icy road conditions, and ridiculously low temperatures. Simply put, it doesn't make for the most stress-free of times.

In attempt to alleviate the mood brought on by this wintry wildness, the Grand Rapids Police Department decided to keep things light but cautionary by sending out a tweet warning of the dangers of "I-Forgot-How-to-Drive-in-Snowitis."


The Grand Rapids PD wrote in its tweet, "Snow is coming soon! Don't fall victim to a horrible disease that is likely to spread rampant in Grand Rapids: 'I-Forgot-How-to-Drive-in-Snowitis' Protect your health, and your car, by [decreasing] your speed, [increasing] your distance, remove distractions, and take your vitamins (why not?)."

Sure, the department tried to inject some humor into its warning, but the stats of winter driving are anything but hilarious. According to reports, crashes during the first week of snowfall increases by 55 percent on average in Michigan. Considering that the ideal percentage of crashes for anytime is zero, this is not the best information to be working with.

If you happen to live in Michigan, or in any other state that gets a lot of snow, just remember to stay safe and patient on the roads and not be a jerk out there. It's better to be a few minutes later to wherever you need to go, then to get into a serious accident.

This post was originally published on November 9, 2018.


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